Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

All of our staff are creative, dedicated and highly experienced in their particular fields.

We’re a growing team of 3D visualisers, graphic designers, landscape architects and interior designers who love what we do and strive to produce the best work possible day in and day out.

Adam Lingard · Associate / Graphic Designer

Andy Sinclair · Associate / Chartered Landscape Architect

Ketia Fong Wah · Head of Interior Design

James Tasker · 3D Design Manager

Paul Uttley · Senior 3D Visualiser

Laura Ford · Senior Graphic Designer

Dan Wilkinson · Senior Landscape Architect

Victoria Flintoff · Interior Designer

Stuart Kemp · Senior 3D Visualiser

Kamil Bialas · Senior 3D Visualiser

Faye Walton · Landscape Architect

Arjun Sharma · 3D Visualiser

Lola Braimah · Interior Design Assistant

Joe Ridgeway · 3D Visualiser

Niamh Young · Junior Graphic Designer

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